Thursday, 2 October 2014

JDM Mazda RX-7 update!

My inquisitive student Edwin Jiang, transfers his stock JDM RX-7 into a highly modified track car that elevates his learning into an advanced domain of Blooms Taxonomy “creating”. This reveals the highest level of student learning and exhibits very high student engagement. 
Stay tuned for more updates of the RX-7!
 With the original Rotary removed, Edwin explores options as to what will power his new machine. After some peer discussion with classmates he leans towards a Corvette motor that will satisfy his needs.
 Bodywork is near completion and not much of the original body is retained as seen in pictures. 
As for colour...? Still unsure!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Student trades in BMW to purchase a Limited Edition Vantage from England's most coveted Automotive Manufacture - Aston Martin

My student Alex Yu unveils British quality to his peers with his recently purchased Aston Martin Vantage that exhibits true hand-built superiority over its competition.  

 This limited edition Vantage is the leanest and most agile of the thoroughbreds Aston Martin produces making it worthy of anyone who only demands the best in a Gentleman's car including...
Mr. J. Bond.

  While not really a car that students would practice honing their skills on, the car does exhibit some of the manufactures finest refinements we see in the industry today.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Training Aids and their Value for Learning

Wheel Alignment Training Aid 
 Good instructional aids also can help solve certain language barrier problems. Consider the continued expansion of technical terminology in everyday usage. This, coupled with culturally diverse backgrounds of today's students, makes it necessary for instructors to be precise in their choice of terminology. Words or terms used in an instructional aid should be carefully selected to convey the same meaning for the student as they do for the instructor. They should provide an accurate visual image and make learning easier for the student.
Donor car from GM to be dismantled for training Aids 
Instructional aids should appeal to the student and be based on sound principles of instructional design. When practical, they should encourage student participation. They also should be meaningful to the student, lead to the desired behavioural or learning objectives, and provide appropriate reinforcement. Aids that involve learning a physical skill should guide students toward mastery of the skill or task specified in the lesson objective.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My First Car - Posted for all those students that always ask!

First Car - 1967 Galaxie 500
Ah, the summer of 1986… Expo was in Vancouver, Honeymoon Suite was the hot band on the radio and it was time for my first set of wheels. After selling the dirt bike, taking a hammer to my piggy bank and working Saturdays at my old man’s truck shop in Cloverdale I scrapped up a whopping $600 to buy my first car. With just 32,436 miles on the odometer this 1967 Galaxie 500 was all mine. 4 wheel drum manual brakes, no power steering and only lap seat belts… but I didn't care, it was my first ride, the sun was shining and I had a smile on my face. J

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Coolant Leak? You be the Judge!

Mazda 3
In this video was one of the last vehicles that I serviced before leaving Mazda. Customer drove this vehicle without coolant in the engine until it would not go any further! When this vehicle finally entered the dealership on a tow truck it was cold, I added coolant and pressure test cooling system, but found no external leaks! (pressure tester is on coolant bottle as seen in video) I then removed spark plugs and cranked engine over to find this! Cylinder head was warped beyond servicing and in the end the cheapest method was to replace the motor. Lesson learned here, do not drive vehicle without coolant.

Interesting Article on Responsibility or Lack of it.

Every so often I read an article on the web that I find really hits home in this face paced world where lack of common sense fails and people look to lay blame elsewhere. A colleague of mine and my former Mazda Instructor wrote about the hot potato GM is dealing with now on their ignition switches. It is a good read and makes you look at a different side than you would commonly find in the news.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Consulab Trainers

Song demonstrates the effect temperature has on pressure to his peers
 The ConsuLab Air Conditioning trainer is a complete A/C system with unique features designed to enhance the instruction of air conditioning physics. The trainer uses the orifice tube design of refrigerant flow control. The trainer uses common automotive components and can be used in both classroom and shop environments.
It accomplishes what the lecture and vehicle itself fall short of. Student has the ability to see the refrigerant change from a liquid to a vapour in a clear tube and then back to a liquid again while monitoring pressures on gauges and feeling the temperature change on either side of the orifice tube!