Sunday, 25 May 2014

Safety! It's everyone's responsibility

General Automotive Repair Safety Tips

 *PLEASE NOTE: Don’t tackle any job that you may not feel comfortable performing. It may result in an injury and likely cost more than it would have if you had taken the vehicle to a professional for service.
What's wrong with the picture above? Safety is everyone's responsibility

  1.  To prevent burns, be sure to begin auto repairs on a cool engine. 
  2. When working underneath a vehicle or using power tools or pressurized systems, ALWAYS wear eye protection. 
  3. DO NOT wear jewelry or loose clothing when working over an engine or troubleshooting an engine that is running. 
  4. To prevent the vehicle from rolling while working on it, always set the parking brake and block the tires. 
  5. Use gloves; mechanic, nitrile, rubber, or equivalent while working with fluids, dust or grease. 
  6. Ensure all locking devises are engaged on all support equipment while working under a vehicle. 
  7. Always use jackstands to support a vehicle when working underneath it. 
  8. In case of emergency, be sure to keep a fire extinguisher in your shop area. 
  9. NEVER smoke when working on a vehicle. 
  10. When replacing any electronic components, make sure the ignition key is in the “off” position and use a static strap to avoid “spiking” the system. 
  11. Never work on a running vehicle in an enclosed area, a proper ventilation or hose exhaust system that is connected to the tailpipe and routed outside is vital. 
  12. Keep your hands clear of the cooling system fan at all times. Even though the ignition key is turned off, the electric fan will still engage on many vehicles until the temperature of the coolant in the radiator has cooled down. 
  13. Never remove the radiator cap while the cooling system is hot. Always allow a couple of hours for the engine to cool before opening any part of the cooling system. 
  14. Use the proper tool for the procedure. 

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