Monday, 12 May 2014

The One Minute Paper

I have found sometimes the simplest form of non-projected media has the greatest value in the classroom. Typically I will distribute plain sheets of paper near the end of class to determine what the muddiest point is or "What was the most confusing concept covered in today’s lesson?” I find this simple model works well and may also be used to determine "What was the one idea you understood clearly?" Most often I tell the students its anonymous. I collect papers afterwards and look for a trend of misunderstood concepts in my lesson. It is a very effective and quick way to poll the class on the days lesson, concerns they may have or suggestions to best help them facilitate their needs assessment.
Questions Designed to Assess Student Interests:
* Without looking at your notes, what stands out in your mind or remains most memorable or about today’s
* What was the most surprising or unexpected idea you heard in today’s discussion?
* Looking back at your notes, what would you say was the most stimulating idea discussed in class today?
* For you, what interesting questions remain unanswered about today’s topic?
Identifying Perceived Relevance of Course Concepts
* In your opinion, what was the most useful idea discussed in today’s class?
* During today’s class, what idea(s) struck you as things you could or should put into practice?
* What example or illustration cited in today’s class could you relate to the most?
Assess Student Attitudes/Opinions
* Would you agree or disagree with the following statement made in today’s class . . . .? (Why?)
* What was the most persuasive or convincing argument (or counterargument) you heard expressed in
today’s discussion?
* Was there a position taken in today’s class that you strongly disagreed with, or found to be somewhat
disturbing and unsettling?
* Were there any ideas expressed in today’s class that caused you to reconsider or change your personal?
opinions, viewpoints, or values?
Checking Student Comprehension
* What did you perceive to be the major purpose or objective of today’s class?
* What do you think was the most important point or central concept communicated during today’s presentation?
Assessing Conceptual Connections (Cross-Concept Integration)
* Did you see any relationships between today’s topic and other topics previously covered in this course?
* What was discussed in class today that seemed to connect with what you’re currently learning or
previously learned in other course(s)?


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